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Looking to make a donation?

These are our current active donation sites.  All donations go straight to the organization or individual and are deposited in their linked account on a weekly basis. 

Happy volunteers with donation boxes in park on a sunny day

West Salem, WI Volunteer Fire Department

This donation page is a way for you to support the WSFD at anytime.  If you are unable to attend any of our traditional fundraisers, and would still like to help support our volunteer firefighters this is a great way to do so.  If you are unable to give at this time, please share our donation page to help spread the word.

Mindoro Lions Club

The Mindoro Lions Club is involved in many projects. Some projects are organized and run by the club members. Some are projects organized and run by other local organizations. And some are Lions Club International projects. The members of the Mindoro Lions clubs will volunteer their personal time and skills to help out. The Mindoro Lions Club's board of directors also discusses the needs of the community and other organizations to donate financially, as well. 

  • Friends of Melrose

  • Mindoro First Responders

  • Lions Youth Exchange

  • Miss Mindoro Program

  • Scholarships awarded to area students

  • Purchase and donate tickets for students and their families to attend athletic awards banquet

  • Bussing for area kids to get to and from swimming lessons

  • Transportation to and from Lions Camp for local attendee(s)

The primary fundraiser that is organized and run by the Mindoro Lions Club is called Spanferkel. This is held in Mindoro, WI on the first weekend following Labor Day each year.  Funds raised during Spanferkel are used to give back and support the local and surrounding communities in as many ways as possible. 

If you missed Spanferkel this year  or any other fundraiser and wanted to support our cause please use our online donation site at anytime.  


The Chad Osgood Family Fund

Angie Osgood and Chad Osgood of Mindoro,WI were married for 18 years. Chad was blessed with six beautiful daughters: Atlanta, Jesse and Mercedes are now grown.  The three youngest Justice (18), Olympia (14) and Eva (10) live in Mindoro with their mother, Angie. Angie’s entire world changed on September 24, 2021 when Chad unexpectedly passed away.  Angie and all Chad’s girls are devastated. Chad, like many, thought he’d have a lot more time in this world and unfortunately didn’t have a life insurance policy on himself. Angie is now faced with supporting her girls on her own. Angie had been a stay at home mom, but fortunately just graduated from college this spring and started her 1st teaching job a few weeks ago. In addition to being the breadwinner, she’ll need to start paying on her student loans soon.  Angie had health coverage for the family through her teaching job, but all of Chad’s medical care happened in Iowa, which is out of network for her insurance; she’ll have about $8,000 of medical bills coming for the out of network deductibles and out of pocket expenses.  Traveling back and forth 3-4 hours each way to be by Chad’s side resulted in several hundred dollars of gas and hotel expenses.  And there will likely be other unexpected bills that arrive in the coming weeks. 

The Chad Osgood Family Fund has been established to help Angie get her on her feet as she starts on her journey without Chad.  Funds will be used to pay for Chad's out of network medical expenses, Angie's Iowa travel expenses, and living expenses for the girls. If you’d like to make a donation to support Angie and her girls, donations can be made on-line via the Donatezilla platform or at Union State Bank in West Salem.   Please continue to keep Chad’s entire family in your thoughts and prayers