Simple PTO/PTA Fundraiser

Elementary School Fundraiser Ideas If you want to try something different, I would highly suggest trying a fun run or pledge drive.

The best part is that your organization will keep 100% of offline donations and over 97% of online donations.  The only fees are credit card processing fees with Pledge Titan.   


What is a Fun Run

It is a simple indoor event held in your schools gymnasium during the school day. 

Kids enter the gym for an allotted amount of time, for example 20 minutes, and make laps around the gym. 

Make it a fun experience with a theme, for example a glow in the dark event.  Encourage kids to raise money by having a simple prize structure with a focus on a highly desirable item at the $100 mark.

10 Things I learned from hosting my son's elementary school Glow Run

  1. All kids of any ability could participate
  2. All kids of any economic status could participate
  3. How much fun kids have running around a gym decked out with glow in the dark items
  4. How easy it was for teachers and the administration to accommodate this fundraiser.
  5. The support from community members to just give instead of buying items
  6. How few volunteers are needed 
  7. How willing businesses in the community are to sponsor t-shirts for this event
  8. How rewarding handing out prizes to every child in the school is
  9. How a fundraiser became the event kids talked about for years after
  10. The amount of opportunities you can provide from a successful fundraiser.
I planned an entirely new to our school event in less than 2 months and worried that we would not raise as much from this event as we did from a Saturday night "carnival" with a silent auction.  To my surprise, we raised more money in the first two days of going live with our pledge drive online then we did from our traditional fundraiser.

If you are anything like me, I searched online for a way to put this glow in the dark fun run together.  It took me hours of research and planning, but I have put all of that research and planning in simple to follow downloadable PDFs.  

Donation Drives Made Easy

Donation Drive Checklist

Example Sponsor Request Letter

Example Committee Responsibilities

Example Prize List and Sheet


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