Set your PTO up for future success

Whether you are starting up a new Parent Teacher Organization, a newly elected board member, or seasoned PTO veteran, you will want to make sure that the hard work you put into the group isn't in vain. 

I recently was preparing to pass my responsibilities onto the next board members of our PTO.  I was struggling with how to make sure all the hard work and effort that I put in the past few years didn't go to waste.  Some of the things I had done included registering our PTO for an EIN, 501(c)3 status, setup an online finance manager, redesigned our website, and enrolled our PTO into multiple programs that need to be renewed each year.

I wanted to make sure that the new board had an easy way to keep all of those things current and continue to do more and do better!

How did I pass years of knowledge onto a new group of board members?

  • Setup a shared Google Drive for our PTO and invited all of our board members

  • Communicated with all members what was located in the shared drive

  • Share the usernames and passwords with the new board, I recommend using a site like

  • Made sure all legal documents were scanned into shared drive and labeled the documents clearly

  • Gave access to all editable documents so they didn't need to be recreated. 

  • Made a list of all programs enrolled in and how to renew status

Whenever you take on a volunteer position or any position for that matter, it is important to keep in mind that eventually someone else will need to take over your role.  Operating under the mentality that someone else will need to be able to carry on my work and not redo what I have already done is key to the future success of any volunteer organization, especially parent teacher organizations. 

This not only reduces the resistance from others to take over the position, but also helps to set your group up for future success.  It allows new members to continue to do more and hit the ground running.  Remember, anything you do in any job that adds value needs to be repeatable and continued.  You need to always operate under the thought process that I could win the lottery tomorrow and not want to work anymore.  Like we said at my previous job "What if someone calls in rich?"

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