Online Donation Collection

In today's world an organization without a web site is lost. Web sites are crucial to your organizations and their causes. The internet is single handedly the main way for staying informed or collecting information today. Not only can you collect information you can leverage online donation collection to quickly and easily allow your supporters donate funds. A significant amount of people are giving donations through a donation platform instead of sending a check. Simple web donation platforms make adding online donation collection  part of your organizations web site. 


You can simply add a PayPal link to your organizations web site. PayPal is free to have an account. Having a link on your web site is like having a sales person that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Unfortunately PayPal takes a considerable cut of the donation from the money transfer. If you are a smaller organization this can cut into the amount of usable dollars for your cause. 


Another online donation platform to use is Donatezilla. It offers the same 24/7 donations and collection of emails for further marketing, but doesn't charge platform fees. The only fee is the card processing fee. Donatezilla donations are deposited into your organizations account every week. The lower fees mean that your non-profit retains more of the donation. 


Companies like eBay also make it easy to make extra funds even though they are not technically an online donation platform. eBay allows it's members to make a donation to their favorite charitable organizations through the sale of items on their auction site. A seller can select to give a percentage of the sale to the organization. once an item sells, a donation is mage to the sellers specific  non-profit. 

It is very important for a non-profit to take advantage of these extra ways of donating. Donation platforms make it exceptionally easy to accept donations on your web site. Making sure your donation button is visible as in the previous post. It is very important organizations take advantage of web donations and donation platforms. 

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