Obstacle Course Fun Run

Simple, outdoors, and tons of fun!

My children's Parent Teacher Organization put on an outdoor obstacle course for their fundraiser this year. 

It was amazing, the kids had a blast and they raised enough money to fully fund everything they support for the next two years.

There was no selling of items and the PTO keeps 100% of offline donations and 97% of online (due to credit card processing fees).

How great is that?!?!?!    

Boy jumping Boy bouncing off inflatable
My son getting some serious air!                                                        My other son rolling off the inflatable

Today brought back a sense of normalcy.  I forgot how much fun events like this matter to kids.  It builds a huge sense of community and school pride.  My boys had a blast today and I cannot thank our PTO enough for being so wonderful.  

Each grade level got to go through the inflatables as many times as they could in a 30 minute timeframe.  The never ending sea of smiles was priceless. 

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