Fire Department Fundraiser

Many community members probably don't realize that their local fire department is made up of volunteers. Often the cost of a full time fire staff just isn't feasible for a community. These volunteer departments compose almost 70% of the nation wide fire departments. To operate fire department fundraisers are common and welcome occurrences in local communities. Often serving as an opportunity to show off the department and equipment as well as a fundraising opportunity. Chicken-Q's, Pancake breakfasts and even community dances were the norm until recently. The pandemic changed the way many of these local departments fundraise. There are still opportunities to serve the community safely. 


While dances may be out for a few more months. Drive up options for Chicken-Q's and Breakfast's is a great way to still hold the fundraiser. Another option is an online campaign using a donation platform. Donatezilla is Pledge Monster's donation platform specifically for fire department fundraisers.  Once set up, the donation page can be shared via social media and email allowing to collect funds in a contact free way. Plus zero up-front costs to the department. 

Why Choose Pledge Monster?

Why should you choose Pledge Monster over other donation platforms?

Here are the best reasons:

  1. With Pledge Monster there is zero up front cost and the only on-going cost is the credit card fee. The department keeps 95% of the donation. 
  2. There is no inventory to manage, no deliveries and nothing to keep track of. 
  3. No goal. Nope there is no embarrassing goal to try and meet. Never ask the question, are we asking for too much or too little?
  4. Customer service beyond compare. We want you to succeed and will help with suggestions on how to make the fundraising effort a success. 
  5. On-going. Your donation page is always active so you can share it or link to it on your organization web page. Collections happen long after the event is over. 
  6. Larger demographic reach. What if someone who once lived in the community would like to donate, but isn't aware of the fundraising effort. Sharing the donation page can reach more people who care about the community but may not reside in the community any longer.

Funding your local volunteer fire department ensures that they can protect your home and property in the future. Keeping them funded is an ongoing task. It doesn't take a huge donation to make a difference even the smallest amounts add up over the community. Spreading the word and raising awareness is everyone's responsibility. Check out the National Volunteer Fire Council for more information on local fire department fundraising. Fire safety equipment can be costly to obtain and maintain. Much of the equipment wears out over time and use and needs to be replaced on a regular basis. All of these things can add up on an already fund strapped department. Please keep your local fire department fundraising efforts in mind. 

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