Donating to Nonprofits in 6 Simple Steps

Fundraising for nonprofits is more about marketing then most people realize.  If there is not enough advertisements created on multiple different platforms, you simply will not raise as much.  You and your organization have put a lot of time and effort into mailing a great fundraising letter to your donors.  Sending letters and postage paid envelopes can work to collect donations, but there are other ways.  

Just like a marketing campaign for the latest and greatest item,  your advertisements should be attention grabbing and make it easy to donate.  Think about the way things are advertised on different marketing platforms. 

The Problem

For many years a local volunteer firefighter department, the West Salem Volunteer Fire Department of Wisconsin, faced a problem receiving as much financial support from the community.  They sent out envelopes for their annual dance to local residences to make a donations. This was working and happened to be extremely effective until recently.  

They noticed a decline in donation envelopes being returned to purchase tickets to an annual dance.  When talking to the younger generation that had moved into the community, the department realized that the days of writing checks and dropping it in the mail was slowly declining.  Technology has begun to take over and the majority of younger residents typically used their phones or buy online rather than write out a check. 

The question that kept coming up was how to make it easy to accept donations online and be able to print marketing materials that didn't have to constantly be updated.  All other fundraising platforms have an event tied to them and the URL changes or you have to constantly go back into the event and update the dates.  How could they accept donation without high fees?  Shouldn't donating to nonprofits be simple?  

The Solution

The truth is donating to nonprofits should be simple and the West Salem, WI Fire Department worked with Pledge Monster, LLC and used the following tips to increase the donations they received. They were able to discover a whole new 'market' of donors they had been ignoring.  Making donating to nonprofits easy is probably the simplest and quickest way to increase funding by making it quick and simple for donors to respond.  They fully embraced the fact that donating to nonprofits should be simple.

How to Increase Donations in 6 Simple Steps

  1.  Add a way to accept donations online to maximize the amount of potential any fundraiser has.  
  2. Continue to reach potential donors with traditional methods like the envelopes, flyers, banners, posters, etc.
  3. Establish a custom short URL that is specific to your organization that won't change based on an event.  Donatezilla offers the ability to customize your donation site and you can include it on every piece of marketing material traditionally printed, with peace of mind. 
  4.  Create a QR code that can be added to any flyer, allowing quick access from potential donors with smart phones. Pledge Monster staff can help you with this in less than 30 minutes, simply contact them here
  5. Have your entire volunteer group or department share the event information along with the donation link to maximize the amount of people who will see your upcoming event. 
  6. Make sure to explain what you are raising money for, establishing a need for the department is extremely important. 

For more ideas on fundraisers check out 10 Fire Department Fundraiser Ideas

Many thanks to Pledge Monster, LLC for helping us setup our online donation form. If you are in need of an online donation for your organization, look no further. If you would like to donate to the West Salem Fire Department you can do so here:

West Salem, WI Fire Department

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