5 Ways of Donating

Are you looking for ways to donate to small non-profit organizations? How do you donate to smaller non-profit organizations? Your donation is important to any organization no matter how big or small. These are some ways to make a donation to a local non-profit. Look for a non-profit that meets your values and supports a cause you are passionate about. Local non-profits often use the money locally and keep the cycle going with in a community. Often they are more in need of funds than your larger national charities and will appreciate the gesture.


Maybe a little old school in today's technology laden environment, but writing a check is still an acceptable way to donate to a small charity. Mailing the check or better yet delivering it personally is a great way to help an organization out. 

Circle of people

Are you part of a club, like a homeowners club? You may want to consider pooling your funds with the circle of members in your club. Making a larger donation in the name of the club. 

Donation websites

There are a host of online donation platforms today, finding your non-profits donation page on their web site or if they don't have one encouraging them to set one up. Donatezilla is a great platform for non-profits to set up an ongoing donation platform. No platform fees, and no embarrassing goals. 

Bank transfers

This takes a little more to set up than just handing the organization a check, but can be well worth it. The donation isn't dependent on the mail or setting up the perfect time to hand over a check. This can also be set up as a recurring donation, say monthly or even yearly...

Donations from companies

Many non-profits depend on funds from larger corporate entities. This is similar to circle of people, where employees pool money together and donate in the name of the company or a department within the company.

The above ways of donating are a great way to show you support what the organization is doing and stands for. Many local non-profit have just as big an impact on your community as larger charities and need your support as well. Small donations to your local non-profit add up and together we all make a difference. 

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