Increase your Non-Profits Fundraising Efforts

Fundraising is the most significant part of any non-profit organizations financials and it is important to maximize the profits of any given fundraiser. Increasing fundraising efforts should be the second priority in any non-profit organization, next to funding the cause your organization supports. 

Why should I care about increasing fundraising efforts?

Simply put the more people who know about your fundraiser the larger the potential number of donors you will have. It is simply a numbers game. Not only does this increase the numbers of potential customers, but also the awareness of you organization. This sounds simple, and it can be, but a lot of organizations who organize and hold fundraisers fail to follow through with this. In the end it costs them in time and potential funds.

The first way to increase visibility is to bring up the fundraiser in every day conversations. Any time you are talking to someone mention the fundraiser. This is the most effective way to increase your fundraisers awareness. This also brings credibility to your fundraiser as they typically know you and are more willing to participate.

The second way to increase awareness is to use social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Both these social media platforms can be valuable tools for your fundraiser. Facebook posts should be frequent and about your fundraising efforts. Twitter also allows you to reach a large group of people quickly. Geographic locations do not apply to social media and you can obtain donors from areas that you never had previously. Making sure everyone in your organization shares the fundraiser on these platforms to increase reach. This is a very small and easy thing for everyone in the organization to do to help raise awareness of the fundraiser.

fundraising efforts flow chart

A third way to increase visibility is to ask local businesses to display a poster or flyer in their business. Many businesses look forward to helping non-profit organizations especially if they are local. A great design can bring huge awareness of your fundraiser and organization.

A final way is email marketing. Email is often an underrated form of advertising. Collecting information about your donor is curial to a long term relationship with that donor. Make sure your donation platform collects an email address so that you can personally thank the donor for their contribution. Asking if you can contact them in the future is also key. You don't want to spam the donor and this is a quick way to lose them.

All these methods can help your organization have a successful fundraising campaign. Nothing will replace the planning and hard work involved in properly marketing your fundraiser, but these are small steps that can have a very large impact.

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