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Simple Online Fundraising

Donatezilla is the brainchild of Andy my business partner. We started Pledge Monster, LLC as a fundraising tool for Parent Teacher Organizations since I needed a better way to report on money raised by a large amount of students for one organization. Donatezilla is a simple online fundraising version of Pledge Monster. It allows for a simple no cost way to raise funds for any non profit organization.

simple online fundraising

We believe fundraising should be simple and straight forward. With Donatezilla we don’t believe that setting a goal amount is necessary and causes more stress than necessary. When I set up a fundraiser for my uncle the following questions ran through my head.

  • Am I asking for too much?
  • Am I not asking for enough?
  • What if I don’t meet the goal I have set?
  • How will that make my uncle feel if he doesn’t hit the goal that I set?

With Donatezilla all you need to do is share your reason for needing to raise funds and start sharing on social media. It is that simple! We will never charge you or your organization a dime! The only cost that will automatically be applied is the credit card processing fees, which we cannot remove unfortunately.


We only make a profit from donors who decide to leave a tip. Tips are completely optional and we operate under the promise to give back to organizations that refer us to other groups. Erin and Andy are both Wisconsin residents and believe that community is extremely important for the well being of everyone. Donatezilla really is that simple online fundraising software we need right now.

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