Simple fundraising with a donation or pledge drive

A donation drive is a set period of time that you request students to raise money for a single cause. A simple fundraising option and there is nothing to sell, just asking for funds to support your organization's cause. This greatly reduces the amount of help your organization will need. A donation drive also reduces the number of sponsors and lowers the start up costs you would have. This type of fundraiser is easy to get started, set up, and can have a quick turn around for your organization. I personally love being able to put on a cool event for the kids, but also fully understand it is hard to come by volunteers who can help set up, track laps, etc.

You can have a super simple event that you send out a request for parents to create a family donation page on Pledge Titan. Kids can still collect donations offline via pledge packets as well. The ability to track all donations online will simplify your reporting efforts and distribution of prizes at the end of the drive. Making sure the kids get all the prizes they are entitled to is imperative to a successful drive and future drives

How do we afford prizes?

You can find really low cost prizes in bulk on sites like Oriental Trading Company. You can also:

  • Partner with a local sponsor to provide prizes
  • Purchase high volume low cost prizes
  • Purchase a few higher priced prizes
  • Look for items in bulk
  • Search Amazon for lowest price items
  • Look during big sale times for prizes like on Black Friday or Cyber Monday

The rewards could also include zero cost rewards like homework passes, a ride with a police officer, ride with firefighter, lunch with the principal, anything you can think of.

simple fundraising prizes

Pledge Monster wants to help

We are your fundraising partners!

We are happy to help with any type of fundraising event. Our main goal is to help your organization raise money to be able to do more for the kids in your programs. If you want the best reporting options and ways to advertise your sponsors we have you covered. Feel free to reach out to us at if you have any questions at all.

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