Tired of selling stuff to fund your organization?

Did you just receive a catalog in your child's backpack asking you to sell something to raise money for your school PTO, PTA, or PTG? Are you dreading buying overpriced wrapping paper, overpriced food, overpriced candles, or whatever else comes home in those catalogs, just so your kid can try and earn a cheap prize? Are you tired of selling stuff to fund your organization? Do you feel obligated to buy something even though you don't want it and would rather just give the money to the organization? Do you feel guilty asking your family and friends to buy the same stuff every year?

We can help your organization raise and keep more money without selling a single thing. Accepting donations online is the easy part and you will find other companies that offer the ability to do so. There are literally hundreds of sites that collect donations for various causes and organizations. What makes Pledge Monster different from every other site out there?

Pledge Monster is your fundraising partner. We are here to help you make sure you offer great incentives, get teachers involved, get the community involved, get the kids excited, track prizes, track expenses, and more. We help you make any fundraising event simple and exciting without burning out your volunteer group.

  • Hit-a-Thon
  • Jog-a-Thon
  • Read-a-Thon
  • Glow-a-Thon
  • Color Runs
  • Fun Run
  • Spell-a-Thon
  • Pledge Drive
  • Glow Runs

Stop the endless cycle of using your kids to sell stuff to friends and family. Motivate and keep more volunteers. Make sure every child participates and keep more funds with less work. Partner with an experienced fundraising company to make your event a success. Stop being tired of selling stuff to fund your organization.

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