Fun Run Planning for a PTO or PTA

What is a fun run?

It's a fun event themed run/walk for all kids or all abilities and economic status that are part of the group that money is being raised for.

  It is a fundraiser that doesn't require delivering of goods. 

Kids can run laps around a gym, go through a fun obstacle course, or have a color run.  The possibilities are limitless!

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Fun Run Planning

It is incredibly important to come up with a simple prize structure along with activities to involve each classroom in the week leading up to the event.

Sponsors are a MUST

Make up pledge packets to receive offline donations and partner with an online fundraising company like Pledge Monster.

Kickoff the event with an assembly showcasing the prizes that kids can win and what you are offering to teachers to get them to encourage their classroom to participate.

Why would a business sponsor an event?

Sponsors benefit from advertising their logo or names on the backs of 100's of shirts. They are also helping to fund an event that motivates kids to get moving and build a sense of community.

Lessons Learned

  • ALL kids had a blast!
    • No children were left out, no matter what their abilities.
  • Parents loved not having to sell items
    • The amount of positive feedback from parents was astounding.
  • Easy to motivate kids to raise money
    • Simple inexpensive prizes and a few big prizes for top earners really motivated all of the kids. Every child received a prize even if they only raised $1.00
  • Holding the event during school hours was a huge plus!
    • This really enhanced the ability for all kids to participate.

  • Ordering prizes from a company like Oriental Trading Company are inexpensive and desirable to kids.  I realize that it may seem like trinkets to parents, but kids will be more excited to earn prizes when they are tangible items. 

Online donation platform is a MUST!

  • With the popularity of social media and text messaging it is very simple to just put out the request. The simplicity of sharing on social media encourages the parents who typically don't like to ask people to support a fundraiser
  • Crowdfunding works
    • If 10 people donate $10 to a single child that is $100 raised for your school's organization. $100 x 300 kids = $30,000

What our fun run made me realize is how much people want to support your organizations, but would rather know that you are keeping as much as possible instead of buying candy, wrapping paper, candles, etc.

Planning the event was simple and we are here to help you all the way. If you already have an event where you collect money via pledge packets and just want to add an online donation method let us know.
If you want a detailed check list and layout of how I setup my first fun run, download our free fun run guide here

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