Why Pledge Monster

Our Approach to Fundraising

We all know that planning a fundraiser can be overwhelming, stressful, and have low profit margins, but it doesn't have to. I have been a part of multiple fundraising events in different capacities, from selling items to volunteering to running the entire event and I can tell you the best experience I have ever had was running a fun run.


I learned 5 years ago that planning for our PTO's only fundraiser and doing something completely different than our school had ever done before was intimidating, but so exciting at the same time. I knew we had to have a software platform to accept online donations and track all off-line donations. We found a platform that worked and allowed us to raise $10,000 more than we would have without the online donation option.

This year we are gearing up to run our 2nd fun run and I knew I wanted some enhancements to the look and feel of the software, along with improved administrative capabilities. What I didn't share with everyone was how much work I put in running reports, tracking prizes, creating spreadsheets, entering donations from offline, and keeping a detailed account of expenses and sponsors for the fun run. So this year I wanted to simplify that and this is when I started talking with one of my colleagues, who is a developer, about what I would like to do. He said he could build what I wanted and we started working from there.

More than just Fundraising

Our main focus is to make a difference for all kids. In order to do that we as a company want to offer as much value as possible to any size organization. That is why we wanted to offer zero upfront costs and different options for pricing so groups can do as much or as little in regards to planning as they would like.

Easy, Safe & Reliable

How many times have you scrambled to collect orders and count money at the end of a fundraising program? We’ve all been there – and the stress can be overwhelming! When you join Pledge Monster, there’s no upfront cost, no deadline, no money to collect and no product to distribute.  We’ll help you kick off the program and provide the support your group needs to be successful!

Get started today!

We want to help parents and volunteers feel like asking for donations is simple and has a high impact on the organization they are supporting. If the people who volunteer get burned out, the kids are the ones who suffer. All programs require funds to run them, why not make raising those funds as simple as possible without needing to sell anything. This is why we have created Pledge Monster with zero hidden fees and zero upfront costs.

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