10 Ways to Increase Fundraising Success

Nothing is worse then putting together a fundraiser and then feel like it is not successful.

The following 10 ideas will help keep students, teachers, and parents motivated! 

  • Send donation packets for offline donations home before a weekend or holiday
  • Announce the fundraiser to the entire school through an assembly or by a video message from the principal(or other highly recognized staff/teacher by students.)
  • Classroom Competitions!
    • Create fun rewards for the top earning classrooms
    • Pizza party, ice cream party, extra recess are a few ideas
  • Explain why you are raising money to kids and parents
    • Highlight how the money raised will directly benefit their families
  •  Encourage parents to ask their kids why they want to raise money and write that on their family donation page.  
  • Encourage parents to record a short video asking their child why they want to raise money and what prizes they are most excited about.
  • Announce daily classroom standings during the school week
  • Encourage teachers to send home reminders about the fundraiser and current class standings
  • Enter offline donations as early as possible in Pledge Titan to keep numbers accurate
  • Encourage parents to create a family page on app.pledgetitan.com and share it via email, text, and social media.
    • Families who share their donation page online raise 10 times more then strictly collecting offline.
    • Remind parents to share their posts more then once on social media

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